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Kemper Profiler Rack

Kemper profiling rack

The Kemper Profiling is without doubt the biggest innovation we think we've seen in the last few years in amp technology. Emultating a classic amp is one thing but this is somethign quite different. Instead of relying on a company to do the profiling for you, choosing which amps you might want and what settings you'd use, you get all of that technology INCLUDED in the Kemper itself! That means YOU chose what amp you want to emulate, put a mic to the amp and let the kemper go about its business. It's a little bit like that bit in Ghostbusters where they catch the ghosts in that box. All the soul and subtly of the amp is sucked into the Kemper and stored digital allowing you to sound exactly like that exact amp any time anywhere. Trying to describe it in words is tough so take a look at some of the videos and you'll quickly understand why we're so excited about this piece of gear.

Don't worry if you don't have vintage amps just lying aroudn your house though because the Kemper already coems preloaded with loads of awesome profiles and any user can share a profile with another, it's as simple as sending an email! You can get swapping profiles all over the globe!

It's worth noting that while Kemper call this an 'amp' is doesn't have its own power section so you'll need to plug it into a PA or some active speakers. The reason for this is that the Kemper also profiles Cabinets and if you could use the Kemper with a cab your cab would colour the sound and it would no longer sound like the cab that was being modelled! So really it makes more sense to plug straight into a PA/mixing desk and cut out the cab all together!
Inputs and Outputs

Front Mounted HiZ Guitar input
Front Mounted Headphone output
Direct Send Jack (with Ground Lift)
Return Jack (with Ground lift)
Return Female XLR (with Ground lift)
Motitor Output jack (with Ground lift)
Footswitch Jack 1
Footswitch Jack 2
Midi In
Midi out
Midi Thru
USB out
USB in
Network Port
Master Output Left XLR (one Ground Lift shared by mast outputs)
Master Output Right XLR
Master Output Left Jack
Master Output Right Jack

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