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Ef-note EFNOTE 3X - Electronic Drumset
Ef-note EFNOTE 3X - Electronic DrumsetEf-note EFNOTE 3X - Electronic DrumsetEf-note EFNOTE 3X - Electronic DrumsetEf-note EFNOTE 3X - Electronic DrumsetEf-note EFNOTE 3X - Electronic DrumsetEf-note EFNOTE 3X - Electronic DrumsetEf-note EFNOTE 3X - Electronic DrumsetEf-note EFNOTE 3X - Electronic DrumsetEf-note EFNOTE 3X - Electronic Drumset

Double-layer mesh heads, hi hat with optical sensor and True Motion technology, third external trigger on the snare drum to simplify the rim-shot, crash cymbals and three-zone ride, suspended toms to reduce vibrations and possible crosstalk, finally supports called Lambda from the original design.

The Full Spec.

The EFNOTE 3X is expanded for the ultimate performance:

Playability with the real hi-hat, the bigger cymbals and the high-sensitivity drum pads
Adaptability for various musical genres
Presence for stage/live-streaming use
6-Piece Drum Pads, 4-Piece Cymbals
12" snare pad and 12" kick pad
2x 12" tom pad + 2x 10" tom pad
14" real 2-piece hi-hat cymbals
2x 16" crash cymbal and 18" ride cymbal
Solid and Stable Kick Pad
Three-dimensional design with a strong presence
Elegant matte black finish
Independent lug design
Low-rebound 12" mesh head
Dual-sensor stable sensing for single/double beater(s)
Angle-adjustable kick pedal attachment
Rugged spars with rubber/spike tips
The Finest Hi-Hat Cymbals
The freely swinging top and bottom cymbals have changed the concept of electronic hi-hat cymbals
The multiple optical sensing precisely responds to drummer's high-speed footwork
Smooth continuity from tight-closed to full-open sound
14" top/bottom cymbals
General hi-hat stands compatible with φ12.7 mm (1/2") hole cymbal can be used
Monocoque Drum Shells
Elegant matte black finish
Independent lug design
Monocoque shell structure for stiffness and durability
Hot-spot-less sensing with multi-sensor
Suspended tom mount
Colored hoop rubber
Double-layered mesh head
2-zone (head/rim)
12" Snare, 10" Tom 1/2, 12" Tom 3
Snare Side-Rim
Easy to play side-sticks
Accurate sensing
Low acoustic noise
No need to switch a function between rim-shot and side-sticks
3-Zone Crash / Ride Cymbals
Elegant "warm-gray" colored cymbals
Fine engraved surface
Weight simulation with thin edge for appropriate striking feel
360° flat sensing with multi-sensor
360° choke supported
Full 3-zone Crash/Ride cymbals (bow/edge/cup)
18" Ride, 16" Crashes, 14" Hi-hat
* EFNOTE 3X does not support the Crash 1 cup when the Tom 4 is used.

λ (Lambda) Tripods
Advanced design
Easy and flexible setup
Perfect stability
* Design registered

Ultra-Compact Sound Module
Ultra-small form factor with uncompromised features
Metal chassis and aluminum finish
High quality DAC and audio circuit
Touch screen intuitive user interface
Full-Scale Acoustic Sound
Tru-Aco sound technology provides so real drum/cymbal sound
Stereo samples with wide dynamic range for all acoustic instruments
Minimum pre-processed, uncompressed waveforms for maximum fidelity
Natural and smooth continuity roll sounds
ELISE Sensing Processor
Capturing drummer's intentions from each stroke
Low latency, wide dynamic-range, consistent and stable sensing
Optimized for EFNOTE multi-sensor drum/cymbal/hi-hat pads
For Recording
USB 8-ch individual audio outputs with Mac / Windows (ASIO)
USB 2-ch audio inputs for playback
Analog 4-ch audio outputs
USB MIDI in/out with individual MIDI channels
MIDI output (5-pin DIN)
On-board drum recording (5 songs)
For Small Gigs
Setlist feature enables you to configure kit order with tempo for each song
Kick and Snare can be output individually with analog 4-ch outputs
Click and Audio-In can be assigned only for headphones
High-power headphones output
MIDI output (5-pin DIN)
For Training
Multi-function metronome with beat LED indicator
Built-in metronome speaker for daily training without headphones
On-board recording function (5 songs)
Stroke Analyzer
Rhythm Box feature provides over 90 basic drum beats
Stroke Analyzer
"Stroke Scope" displays your strike points on time-line
"Accuracy Score" estimates your strike accuracy
Sound Edit
Tuning, Muffling, 2-band EQs for each pad
Pad layer function can overlay two sounds
User Inst Library enables you to store 50 customized instruments
On-board reverb
Dedicated level control screen
Flexible Audio Routing
10-ch output buses
Flexible output routing for each pad
Output assignable click
Output: 4-ch analog / 8-ch USB
Input: Analog / Bluetooth / 2-ch USB
Bluetooth audio-in provides you to play along with Spotify™ / YouTube™ with your smartphone
Bluetooth MIDI

- Note: hi hat stand and bass drum pedal not included

EFNOTE 3X - Electronic Drumset

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