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Emma Electronic DiscumBOBulator V3

Emma Electronic  DiscumBOBulator V3
Emma Electronic  DiscumBOBulator V3Emma Electronic  DiscumBOBulator V3Emma Electronic  DiscumBOBulator V3

The holy grail of funky wah is BACK!

Emma Electronic’s DiscumBOBulator is often heralded as being the world’s best auto-wah/envelope filter pedal. Once you plug it in, we just know you’ll agree.

Now upgraded with a side chain input and more easily readible UP/DOWN toggle switch, the new and improved DiscumBOBulator V3 retains all the features that made the previous version so great.

Main Features:
• Envelope Filter/Auto-Wah Effects pedal
• All-analog circuit - for old-school tones and feel
• Wide range of funky auto-wah tones, throaty cocked wah sounds to synth-like sweeping tones
• Dead-on tracking even on super-fast single notes - with even more improved tracking on high notes
• Separately footswitchable ultra clean 0-10dB boost
• Side chain input - allows control / triggering of the envelope from external sources
• UP/DOWN Toggle switch - for easier readibility and haptic feedback
• Wide frequency spectrum, making it suitable for any instrument
• Highly intuitive control set - dial in amazing tones quick and easy
• Top-mounted input and output jacks - for ease of pedalboard use
• Super silent switching ‘‘Untrue bypass’’
• Hand-made in Denmark
• Powered by (opt.) 9V DC power supply
(2.1 mm, centre -, 7 mA current draw)

The DiscumBOBulator V3 features the same tripled headroom as its previous iteration, so that it now easily will take any high output active bass or line level signals. Also present is the independent up to 10dB ultra-clean boost that’ll make funky solos take flight instantly, now with a distinctly coloured crème knob, for better on-stage visibility.

The newly added side chain gives you even more control over the envelope triggering. For example, you can have the filter sweep synced to a snare or kick drum hit or the bassplayer slapping a note, or trigger it with an external momentary footswitch, the options are endless!

It’s better and more precise tracking on high notes, and the wide frequency spectrum make the
DiscumBOBulator V3 suitable for any instrument that you would like to give that “funky tone” chords or single notes.

The goal in creating the DiscumBOBulator V3 was to make a fast and extremely dynamically responsive envelope filter that would be able to handle everything from super-fast single-notes, fingerstyle picking to denser signals such as complex chords, without getting mushy.

Additionally the improved up/down switch largely widens your opportunity for creating a versatile palette of your own personal sounds. The pedal’s proprietary all-analog circuit does just that while letting the full spectrum of your preferred instrument through and you won’t experience any of the nasty volume peaks or dips that are common to other filter pedals out there.

Boasting everything from full-on funk tones, old-school cocked wah sounds and all the way to unique synth-like sweeps, via its super-intuitive control and feature set, DiscumBOBulator V3 truly is the definition of cool!

€ 219,00
VAT included, Shipping cost: 20€
2 years warranty, 14 days to exercise the right of withdrawal
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